Tuesday, 19 February 2008


One from the recent past - back in 2005, I was selected as one of the world's top 100 photographers to participate in A Day in The Life of Africa photographic event. The image above - of my friend Porkie Klaas and his band playing jazz outside a shack store - was used in the book.
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The photo caught the attention of Mark Johnson and other team members from the Playing for Change foundation in the US who have undertaken a huge project to document street music worldwide. It inspired them to come to Gugulethu where they documented musicians jamming in Porkie's home. Porkie has been training local students informally, as well as holding regular jamming sessions in his front room for over 15 years. After filming, the foundation promised to raise funds to help Porkie realise a long-cherished ambition to set up a fully-equipped township music school in NY27. Happily, the school plans have now been drawn up and the builders start work next month.

I have been re-thinking this blog lately since my photographic career spans more than 30 years of South Africa's turbulent history. As a regular feature I will be posting 'one from the archive' - an image from a key moment in this country's history.

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Anonymous said...

You have beautiful images, though I'm sure you've been told this before in your 30 years of shooting. But what I admire most is your bravery. Especially in the beginning of your career. Those times must have been terrifying...
No-one can really appreciate that unless they were there too.
Best regards